ARC Flash Analysis – Short Circuit Analysis – Protective Device Coordination Analysis

Your one source electrical solution

ARC Flash Analysis

NIC can provide your company with an arc flash hazard analysis on your entire electrical distribution system performed as per NFPA-70E and CSA-Z462 regulations.  Vinyl UV-resistant arc flash labels are provided and installed.   Details and recommendations are made in a report to include data showing the existing arc  flash ratings and data to reduce any high arc flash ratings.  We can also provide you with the service to make these safety upgrades.

Short Circuit Analysis

NIC can provide your company with a short circuit study to determine the available fault current at pertinent locations throughout the distribution system.  The scope of the study includes analysis through downstream locations fed by a transformer.  Short circuit ratings of protective devices are evaluated to verify that equipment is rated to safely handle short circuit currents without creating hazardous conditions.  NIC can also provide the necessary services to make the on site corrections.

Device Coordination Analysis

NIC services can also provide the Protective Device Coordination Analysis to determine optimal selection of fuses and protective trip settings to ensure system protection and fault clearing sensitivity.  (E.g. – to ensure the protective device at or near the equipment trips instead of the larger protective device upstream in a fault situation).    

Single Line Drawings

Included with the various analysis are one line drawings developed to provide an accurate model of the installed electrical system.